Alu Checha – a forgotten recipe from Odia Kitchen

Odia food is all about simple and rustic flavour. There are many recipes which were still cooked in household’s of those who are staying in villages of Odisha, thankfully still untouched by the urbanization . I love searching for these types of unheard and forgotten recipes which most of us never had a chance to taste or cook. Here I presents a simple yet tasty preparation with raw potato. Cook this at your kitchen and fall in love with potato once again.

Recipe of Alu Checha 


Potato – 2 medium sized

Garlic Cloves – 6 to 8 pieces

Green Chilly or Red Chilly – 3 to 4

Cumin – a pinch

Salt to taste

Mustard Oil – 4 tbsp

Method :

Peel the skin of potatoes. Crush them till the potatoes were mashed using a mortar and pestle/ hand masher. Take care not to mash them finely. Along with the potatoes, lastly add the garlic cloves and chillies and mash these too.

Take a deep sized frying pan/ Iron kadhai. Heat the pan. Pour the oil and wait till it reaches the smoking point. Put the cumin. Then add the mashed potatoes,garlic ,chillies and salt. Mix well and continue to stir in a medium heat. Lower the heat in between the cooking alternating between lower to medium heat. Continue to fry till the potatoes turns to a beautiful golden colour with a crispy outer layer. Remove from the pan and transfer into a serving dish. Serve with hot rice or water rice (pakhala).

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