Banana Flower Potato Poppy seeds Fry

Here goes the recipe of Banana flower potato poppy seed bhaja(dry curry)

Apply mustard oil in your hand and start cleaning the banana flowers .Separate all the florets from the whole banana flower. Remove the stamen from each of the big floret’s as well as the thin white coloured cover portion. You can finely chop the center part of the flower without cleaning it and use as it is.

Parboil the banana flowers with little salt and turmeric. Remove from water and strain excess water from them. Keep aside. Heat some mustard oil on a kadhai. Put two small sized potato (cut in thin long slices). Mix well. Then add the parboiled banana flowers. Add required salt , turmeric and a little chilly powder. Mix well. Keep stirring alternating between low and high heat. When half fried add one big onion(cut in small pieces). Continue to stirr. Then make a small space in the center of kadhai. Add 1/2 tsp of oil. Add one tbsp poppy seeds/ posto. Wait till well roasted in the oil. Mix all of it again. Then it’s ready. Then enjoy with some hot steamed rice.

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