Banana Flower Tikkies

Recipe for banana flower tikkies in my style

Apply mustard oil in your hand and start cleaning the banana flowers .Separate all the florets from the whole banana flower. Remove the stamen from each of the big floret’s as well as the thin white coloured cover portion. You can finely chop the center part of the flower without cleaning it and use as it is.

1/2 cup banana flowers (after cleaning them as per the steps described above) per boiled with salt and turmeric, strain and discard the water. Then cut them in small pieces. Add one boiled potato, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, slight salt, red chilly powder, roasted zeera dhania powder, finely chopped one onion, 5 cloves of pressed garlic and 2 tbsp besan. Mix well. No need to add water. Heat mustard oil in a tawa. Take some mixtures in your hand, shape them like tikkies of your choice. Then Shallow fry them. Covering them for time to time. Carefully turn them and fry them till both sides are done. Now enjoy these tikkies with some hot steamed rice / chapati/ salad.

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