Besan ke Ladoo

Besan ke ladoo for that severe urge to have something sweet. Just 30 minutes and make your hubby happy happy. Enjoy making them for any festival.

Recipe of Besan ke Ladoo –


2 cups besan

1 and 3/4 th cup sugar

1/2 cup pure ghee

dryfruits of your choice – slightly roasted or pan fried ( I have used chopped almonds, cashews and raisins)


First take a deep kadhai, pour ghee and switch on the gas.

When the ghee start to warm a little add chopped cashew. Roast a little till slightly golden.

Then remove them and keep them separate. Now add besan and stirr continuously for 20 minutes.

First keep it in high heat then put it in low heat through out.

After 20 minutes a nice smell will start coming from the roasted besan indicating it’s almost done.

Then add the chopped almonds, chopped cashews, raisins and the powdered sugar. Mix nicely then turn off the heat.

If it seems that the mixture is dry not slightly damp looking then add extra ghee.

I have used approx 10 tbsp of pure ghee.

Then wait for sometime till the hot mixture turns slightly warm.

Now this is the best time you should see if you could handle the heat of mixture.

Because when slightly warm it’s ready to become ladoo.

Take some mixture on your hand using both the palm shape them into round ladoo shape.

Keep them in air tight container when they come to normal temperature.

Makes around 22 ladoos with the propertions I have given.

Enjoy making them and celebrate every festival with this delicious sweet.


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