Bhindi Fry

I am sure must of you love bhindi and it’s many avatar’s. I love experimenting with Bhindi and the results are always noteworthy. So I thought why not share all my recipes of Bhindi with all of you one by one. I am starting my Bhindi recipe with this simple fry which is very easy to prepare and can be finished in a ziffy.

These Bhindi’s are not deep fried and I used just enough oil to cook these. Add the bhindi when the oil is hot and remove excess oil if any. Follow the recipe and you will surely not going to be left with slimy bhindis

Recipe of Bhindi/Lady’s finger Fry


Bhindi/ Lady’s Finger – 10 to 12 (Clean them and wipe them properly and thinly sliced them in long stripes after discarding head and tail part of bhindi)

Onion – 1  finely chopped

Garlic cloves – 6 to 8 finely chopped

Mustard Oil – 4 tbsp

Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

Chilli Powder – 1 tsp

Salt to taste


Take a deep bottom pan and pour mustard oil in it. Heat the oil and put cumin. Wait till the cumin stops crackling. Then add the sliced bhindi, onion and garlic into the oil. Add salt, turmeric powder and red Chilli powder. Mix well and continue to stir in a low heat. Don’t cover the pan while cooking. Cook till the bhindi’s turns a little crispy. Remove from heat and serve them. Tastes best when still hot.

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