Cheese Paneer Potato Masala Kulcha


Presenting my most popular recipe of Cheese Paneer Potato Masala Kulcha. Do try this easy and tastiest recipe at home.

Cheese Paneer Potato Masala Kulcha

Ingredients :
1. Potato : 4 medium size
2. Maida flour : 300 gms
3. Paneer(grated) : 1/4 cups
4. Onion : 2 medium size (chopped finely)
5. Cheese(grated): 1/4 cups
6. Green chilly : 2 (chopped finely)
7. Coriander leaves : 1/2 cup(chopped finely)
8. Ajwain : 1 tsps
9. Chilly powder : 1 tsps
10. Salt : 2 tsps (To taste)
11.Chat Masala : 1 tsps
12.Coriander powder : 2 tsps
13. Oil : 2 tbsps

First add water, oil and one teaspoon of salt to the flour.
Then prepare a smooth dough, then apply some oil over the dough and cover it to rest for minimum 6 hours.
Pressure cook the potatoes with some water on a high heat. After 5 whistles the potatoes will be boiled.
Wait for 10 minutes, then remove the potatoes from the cooker. Peel the potatoes and mash them. Keep aside.
Heat a kadhai on medium heat. Put 2 tbsp of oil in it. Then put the ajwain. Then add the chopped onions.
Saute them untill the onions turns light brown.Then add the paneer. saute for some time.Then remove from heat.
Take a deep bowl, put the mashed potatoes,the onion paneer masala,chopped green chillys,chopped coriander leaves,cheese,coriander powder, chat masala ,chilly powder and salt. Mix them well.
Then make paratha using the mixture as a filling on high heat.
No need to use oil to make the parathas. Makes around 8 parathas.
While serving the hot paratha, put butter cubes over them(optional).
Serve with fresh curd and pickle.
You can prepare the same with whole wheat flour also for more healthier option.

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