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Hey there readers,
With Diwali right around the corner, I’m feeling a little generous!
So recently I came across this app called Gestu that gives birth to your everyday emotions! Hard to believe? Humor me. Remember that one time when you screwed up because you were working till late & couldn’t make it to your best friend’s gathering? Well, sometimes a ‘sorry’ is just not enough. Wouldn’t you rather gift them something simple & sweet, send them a little note, materialize the sensation? That’s exactly what Gestu lets you do. AND that’s just one of tens of emotions that are expressible through Gestu!


And now, they’re reaching out to you! They want to know what you’d like to see on their app. Name one particular outlet/eatery/restaurant which is  your favourite that conveys your emotions better than anything else so that the particular outlet would be available on the app (Gestu to tie up) so that you can gift the same experience to your peers !

Follow these Steps to Participate 

1) So all you have to do is download the app  here – , review what all’s available, comment your view on what should be added on to the app (MAKE IT WITTY & UNIQUE, OKAY?). 

2) Share the social media post/ Blog Post on your Facebook.

3) Use the two hashtags in your comments

Hashtags to be used for the contest :



Prize up for Win 

I’ll gift the best, most unique or the uncanniest suggestion 7 Gestus (Cappucinos/Lattes/Frappes)

(2 for you, 5 for your friends)

What’s Gestu all about

GestuIt means to gift/send simple, budget-friendly gifts to people whom they have something to express to; bringing alive their everyday emotions)

Judging Criteria
The answer with a possible rationale (wit, humor & uniqueness are criterias for judgement) wins the contest.

Winner Announcement 

The winner will be announced on Tuesday (25th October 2016)

Gestus will be credited to the winner’s account after the winner send me his/her
Phone Number –
Email ID –
Address (Proof of Nationality, as Gestus are redeemable only across India)

 7 GESTU Breakdown: 2 Gestus would be credited to the winner’s account once he/she downloads the app and provide with the above said information. Rest 5 Gestus can be further refferd to winner’s friends. A referral code would be send to the winner on the mobile number provided.

3 Simple Taps to convey your everyday emotions instantly .

Choose a Gestu (Choose a gift like coffe,tea or drinks to express your emotions.

Choose a friend (Send Gestu to your friend via phone number or email with a personalized message)

Gestu it (Inform your friend about the Gestu via text or email.

Gestu Received ( Your friend receives the Gestu with a personalized message)

Emotions Shared ( Share your emotions instantly with your friends)


1. Contest is open only for residents/citizens of India. Parental or guardian approval is a must for this contest.

2. Minimum age limit to participate is 13 years

3. The fiscal worth or the kind of drink given out as the actual prize may vary as deemed fit by Gestu tech pvt ltd

4. By participating in the Contest, it shall be construed that the contestant(s), the Winner of the Prize have waived their right to raise any dispute with regard to the Prize and/or in any manner whatsoever in connection to the Prize. Participation of the contestant(s) in the Contest shall be construed that the contestant(s), the Winner(s) have waived his/her right to dispute any decision(s) made by Gestu Technology pvt. ltd. in connection to the Contest and that the contestant(s) agrees to all the decision(s) made by the Gestu Technology pvt. ltd. and that all the decision(s) shall be final and binding upon the contestant(s).

5. Gestu Technology pvt. ltd. has the right to withdraw this contest at any point and reserves the right to pick winner basis the process decided by Gestu Technology pvt. ltd.

6. The winner will be contacted by respective blogger with mutual consent with Gestu Technology pvt. ltd. India on the contact details provided by him/her. The winner will be contacted 3 times over a period of 3 days to inform him/her of the win. If the winner does not respond in the stipulated time then Gestu Technology pvt. ltd. will select a different winner . Governing Law: The contestant(s) shall abide to all the laws of India and shall indemnify and hold harmless Gestu Technology pvt. ltd in relation to any non-compliance by the Prize. The terms of this Rules and Regulations shall be construed in accordance with the laws of India and the courts of New Delhi have sole and exclusive jurisdiction. Change of rules: In certain circumstances, Gestu Technology pvt. ltd. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the challenge and in such a case, the revised terms will be communicated to the participants of the contest.

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