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If you are around Indira Nagar Metro Station and want to explore South Indian Spread, then one can head over here just to experience healthy and no frill simple home style taste at Dakshin Biryani & Tiffin . Situated between Burger King and Nagarjuna, this restaurant is at the first floor above Blackberry showroom. Use the stair case and opt for their balcony facing road side and offering one a pleasant ambiance.The Menu features handpicked delicacies from Karnataka,Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh along with sandwich (Vegetable,egg and chicken – included in the menu specially for kids).
It’s a cozy place for breakfast and Lunch as this place is not crowded.
And meals here were served on a plantain leaf and Biryani Thali is available here. Prices are on higher side.
A few of us headed here to try out the place as even if we stay near by, we never noticed this restaurant.
This place is just one year old and the owner Vinay Venkulpati who is a architecture by profession but always wanted to venture into food industry fulfilled his dream with this, Almost all the recipes of the dishes were passed by his own family.
We tried:


Butter Milk and Sweet Lime Soda
 They have Fresh Lime Juice (Sweet or salty) and haldi milk (hot milk with turmeric) in their menu.
Dakshin Special Chicken- Staemed chicken chunks marinated with herbs like pepper and ample amount of mint,coriander and fenugreek  leaves , this is less spicy and recommended here.
Egg Omlette Sandwich – Plain omlette with salt and pepper is a good option especially for kids with a request to use extra butter.
Onion Bhajis ( Onions and curry leaves fritters) was good as unlike other places here onion quantity used were more.
Mutton Liver Fry (Steamed mutton livers tossed into pepper and fried with choicest herbs)
Paddus / Appe’s ( Freshly prepared Dosa batter with more quantity of chana dal added with chopped coriander, curry leaves, sabaki leaves,onion and green chillies) served with coconut chutney – the combination used was good but the batter was not well fermented so these were undercooked and not tasty.
Farm Fresh Sprouts (sprouted black chana) served with chopped onion,coriander and slit green chilli tasted good but sadly they have not used sprouted black chana
Chicken Pepper Fry ( Steamed chicken tossed into pepper and fried with choicest herbs)
Green Salad ( Cucucmber, onion, slit green chillies, carrot and beetroot and lemon wedges)
Plain /Sada Dosa served with coconut chutney and sambar (They offer multi grain dosa as well)
Set Dosa (Spongy small Dosa)
Mini Idly with Sambar and coconut chutney
Dakshin Veg Thali ( 3 wheat chapati or 2 multigrain roti,rice,speciall pappu dal, mixed veg curry,rasam,sabji,curd rice, pampad,one dessert and mango pickle) costs 180 Rs/-
Simple meal served with no ghee on rice
Dakshin Chicken Thali ( 3 wheat chpati or 2 multigrain roti,rice,one egg curry,one chicken curry,minced chicken, pampad, one dessert,mango pickle)
This thali was looking really good. I am sure one can try this atleast once. It costs 180 Rs/-
Veg Biryani Meal ( Veg Pulao served with raita,curry and dal)
Chicken Biryani Meal (Chicken Biryani served with raita,curry and dal) costs 220 Rs/-
We ended our meal with Sooji Halwa ( Not that good). One can try dal jeggary payasam and savige payasam here.
One can opt for filter coffee or masala tea after the meal.
The day we visited, the food was not upto our expectation.I hope it was just for that day that goofed up with almost every dish. Hope they take control of kitchen output and take measure to ensure quality is maintained.
Timings – 7 am to 11:30 pm (Tiffin)
              4 pm to 8 pm (Tiffin)
             12 pm to 4 pm (Lunch)
               7 pm to 11:30 pm (Dinner)
Home Delivery available
Address – 542, 1st Floor, CMH Road, Indiranagar Metro Station, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Contact Number – 9844037347


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