Dryfruit Curd Chutney

How about some lowcalorie chutney or accompaniment to your meal?

Presenting Dryfruit Curd chutney

Recipe of Dryfruit Curd chutney –

Take 1 cup fresh curd in a bowl. Keep aside. Dip 5 almonds in water so that the skin of almonds can be easily taken out. Then in a grinder put the almonds without skin, 5 cashewnuts, 5 pista . Grind it for 2 sec till they are turned into small pieces. Don’t over grind. Then put this dryfruits mixes to the curd.Then take a kadhai, put 1/2 tsp oil. Heat it. Then lower the heat.Put 1/2 tsp rai, 1/2 tsp hing, some chopped fresh garlic , 5 curry leaves. Wait till all of it stops crackling. Then remove from heat and add 1/2 tsp red chilly powder and chopped green chilly.Add this tadka to the curd and dryfruits mixes. Add some raisins, black salt powder, roasted zeera powder and mix them well. Now enjoy them with anything.

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