Elephant Yam/ Suran/Khamba alu Fry

Elephant Yam/ Suran/ Khamba alu is an edible tuber, which is one of the most widely consumed food in the tropical regions. This tuber is called elephant yam because the plant that it is derived from is quite huge and resembles the foot of an elephant to a great extent. These are high in nutrients, very beneficial for all age groups, help to maintain a balanced-diet and a healthy lifestyle. They are known for their valuable vitamin, antioxidant, and mineral contents and effectively repair and maintain the body.

This happens to one of my most loved vegetable.

Recipe of Elephant Yam/Suran/ Khamba alu

1/4th of Elephant Yam(cut from a big roundel) – Remove the outer thick skin and cut thin long slices (approx 4 cups) 0r 250 gms

Green Chilli – 1

Onion – 1 big diced

Mustard Oil – 4 tbsp

Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

Salt to taste


First slightly crush the onion and garlic using a sil batta(stone grinder) or Mosaic Khal Batta/sainless steel masher

Take a deep bottom frying pan and heat the mustard oil in it. Then Add the crushed chilli and onion. Then add the sliced elephant yam’s. Add the turmeric powder and salt. Mix well and continue to saute in a low heat.Don’t forget to stir in between. Fry till the elephant yam’s turns a little golden and well fried.

Remove from the heat and enjoy with your meal .

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