Fine Dining comes Home with Chef-made meals at Eatfresh

Recently I was contacted by Eatfresh to sample their Chef-made meals and give my unbiased review of the same. The choice to choose the dishes available on the decided day entirely lies on me. I logged into their website (which is user friendly ) and started seeing the day’s available menu. One has to enter the location for the delivery . As of now they have 15 delivery areas in and around bengaluru. Their delivery time is scheduled between 12 pm to 3:30 pm for lunch and for dinner it’s 7 pm to 10:30 pm. One can choose from the veg and nonveg north Indian meals( namely rajma, Milijuli Sabji , Lahori Kofta Curry , Kessar Dhaniya Murgh) combined with paratha or rice, Italian classic veg and non veg lasagna, few dishes from Oriental cuisine ( Momos and hunan chicken) , arabic cuisine ( arabic chicken kabsa) ,European & Mediterranean cuisine, few cooler’s/refreshing natural beverages( Iced Tea, Mint & lemon cooler, badam milk) and few sinful looking cakes, mousse, pastry and tart(available in with or without eggs). For a light dinner one can opt for soups also. The idea of trying out food at an affordable manner prepared by Specialty Chef’s who had an experience of catering at the best 5 Star Restaurant’s having International experience was enough reason to grab one’s attention. They operate from high quality commercial kitchen premises.


The sight of dishes while scrolling through the entire available menu of the day is guaranteed to make you hungry and  one don’t have an alternate choice rather than start deciding on ordering the most interesting dish of the day. The dishes which caught my attention were Sham Savera with Vegetable Pulao by Chef Mukhtar, Lasagna by Chef and Dutch Truffle Pastry by Chef Alphonse. I placed my order by calling their customer care number and got the samples after one hour of placing my order whereas they ensure to deliver hot and fresh meals within 45 minutes. I had already made up my mind as I was earlier informed that the delivery will take 45 minutes to one hour .To my dismay the delivery guy come with the rajma and zeera pulao instead of the sham savera which I ordered. As the sham savera got sold out, the kitchen team of eatfresh replaced my order with Rajma zeera pulao combo. So a chance to trying out the Eatfresh version of celebrity chef sanjeev kapoor’s famed dish Sham Savera  remained unfulfilled. As the carefully packed container was slightly hot to touch, I felt delighted as one usually don’t receive hot and freshly prepared food while ordering from outside. The concept of Chef’s who start preparing your ordered dish, only after getting the order confirmation by the customer’s ensures one to get access to freshly prepared food without venturing out and taking chances with one’s health by ordering food from restaurant’s on the daily basis. The dishes which one order from eatfresh site reflect it’s nutritional values too, thus a customer knows the calories, carbs, fat and protein content of a particular dish per serving. 

After removing the sealed container from the recyclable paper package, one can cross check the dish name and chef name from the sticker placed on top of the container.

I tried the

Veg Lasagna – Chef Sundar :

Chef’s recipe contains cream sauce, black pepper, butter, mozzarella cheese, fresh cream, salt, neapolitan sauce, chilly flakes, fresh basil, garlic, olive pomace oil, onion, tomato sauce, beans, carrots, lasagna sheets, oregano, zucchini, white sauce, processed chesse block, nepolitaine sauce, olive oil pomace, veg lasagnae, carrot, grated mozzarella & lasagna sheet.
Nutritional Information
Calories : 614 Cal
Carbs: 29 gm
Fat: 41 gm
Protein: 29 gm

Exotic crunchy  vegetables like broccoli,sweetcorn, carrot, olives, tri colored bell peppers and grated cheese were filled between Lasagna pasta sheets and cooked in a light cheesy sauce and results in a delectable three layered Veg Lasagna accompanied with a light, creamy & cheesy sauce with puree of roasted bell peppers as a base, a braided mini bread and garlic mayo dip. The portion size was enough for two persons. My first ever lasagna and I was impressed at the first bite itself. I will surely recommend this Lasagna to every lover of lasagna. As the portion was more than enough for me, I kept half of it for my dinner as well and I am not at all complaining 😉

Rajma with Jeera Pulao – Chef Riyaz:

A North Indian speciality dish that was made famous in Punjabi households. Boiled Red kidney beans are simmered in spicy onion-tomato gravy and presented with Jeera Pulao. The rajma was no doubt flavourful but the rajma was slightly under cooked according to me. I prefer slightly softened rajma yet retaining their shape. The zeera pulao was very well done with perfectly fluffy cooked basmati rice with a hint of ghee and zeera tadka. The accompaniment in form of fresh curd completes the whole meal.
Dutch Trufle Pastry – Chef Alphonse
Chef’s recipe contains dark chocolate, heavy chocolate sponge, baking powder, cake gel, cocoa powder, milled and refined wheat flour, granulated sugar, vanilla powder, sugar syrup, truffle sauce, rich’s cremagic, chocolate – dark, sponge – heavy chocolate, all purpose flour & rich cream.
The cake is not overly sweet , the perfect spongy texture and melt in mouth pastry was the perfect end to my tastiest meal ever. The dark chocolate frosting and the white chocolate square topping were the perfect match to this black beauty.
Nutritional Information
Calories 925 calories
Carbs 222gm
Fat 43gm
Protein 62gm
Over all I had a wonderful experience trying out the hot and fresh chef-made Eatfresh meal. The team of Eatfresh can always take feedback from their regular or first time customer’s so that they can use those valuable feedback for the betterment of the food presently offered. The rate is reasonable compared to the quality offered. I would love to try them more often only if they start operating near to my area or start one central kitchen near to my area. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Wishing them all the best. I hope they continue to be consistent with the quality of the dish offered and keep delighting the loyal customers.

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 Address of EATFRESH
Ubiquitous Foods (P) Limited
66, Haralur Road,
Bangalore – 560102,

Call at : 08039510100

Few facts about Eatfresh:
Launched in August 2015, by Rajiv Subramanian and Ashrujit Mohanty,  Eatfresh is an online platform for chef-made meals. They offer its customers a choice of Indian, European, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisines. Fresh meals are created and prepared from scratch, by a curated team of professional chefs. They deliver in 15 delivery areas around Bangalore including JP Nagar, HSR Layout, Koramangala, Indiranagar, ITPL etc.

Their delivery logistics were built on a technology platform that guarantees that meals were delivered fast, hot and fresh. They drive recipe creation (A/B taste testing, recipe database driven procurement and production), demand prediction analytics and safety monitoring, (temperature sensors and expiry control) which ensure that the food not only arrives on time but also comes with the right temperature and has the taste that the chefs intend to deliver.

How they work : ( Taken from their website)

We are a marketplace of great quality meals by top rated Chefs.

Our curated Chefs have extensive experience in premium establishments.

Our daily changing menu features tasty, wholesome and well balanced meals.

Our Chefs create meals in hygenic, A-Grade commercial kitchens.

Place orders in 3 steps online at or via our mobile app.

We ensure great value by delivering direct from the Chef’s kitchen to you.

Freshly prepared meals are available on-demand in under 45 minutes!

Your feedback ratings guide future daily menus and Chef selections.

FAQ ( Taken from their website)

Picture the scene – you’re too busy to cook, you don’t have time to shop, and when it comes to deciding what to eat, you’re right out of ideas. What’s the solution? Order in expensive and unhealthy restaurant food? Go for the same uninspiring food that you always have?

Step forward, Eatfresh! An innovative online marketplace for great meals from top chefs.

Eatfresh allows you to order wholesome, freshly-cooked meals from a network of expert chefs. Using locally sustainable products wherever possible – with an emphasis on quality and freshness, the chefs at Eatfresh create a rotating menu of delicious entrees, mouth-watering sides and main meals that blow traditional delivery services out of the water. Meals are delivered directly to your home or office – so whether you’re working late and need to re-energise, or relaxing at home and looking to treat yourself, Eatfresh has a team of professional chefs waiting to rustle up some wholesome, healthy goodness just for you.

The concept is simple. Each day our chefs will post a new menu to the Eatfresh site – there’s a different menu every day of the week, so you won’t have to choose the same meals over and over. Go ahead – try something new!

Choose the meals, desserts or beverages that you want to have delivered and add it to your cart and click checkout. You’ll then be able to choose whether you want your order delivered instantly or in a future time slot. Our delivery hours are from 12 Noon -3:30 PM for Lunch and & 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM for Dinner.

The prices you see online are inclusive of all taxes, and there is no additional charge on delivery.

Our delivery areas appear in the location selection drop down on the home page. Please ensure the location selected is accurate, as product availability will vary from location to location. The selection of location can be made based on area name or pin code. We currently do not service orders that lie outside our delivery areas.

Our team always strives to meet desired delivery times – we don’t want our customers going hungry! However, in times of high-demand, or at times where rain or traffic conditions may be causing problems, delays can occur – but you’ll always be contacted if unforeseen circumstances might affect delivery of your meal.

The true heroes of our service, the Chefs at Eatfresh are high quality professionals, curated by us to create delicious signature dishes just for your dining pleasure. Many have experience at premium fine-dining restaurants and star-rated hotels and some have international experience – but one thing they all have in common is a dedication to providing delicious, healthy and wholesome food for our customers.

Our aim was to unite a diverse team of chefs to provide a varied menu every day of the week – and we think we’ve accomplished it! All meals are prepared within certified kitchens that conform to the highest cleanliness and hygiene standards.

We’re proud to offer a great variety of dishes, courtesy of our talented chefs, who come up with their menus based on factors like seasonal ingredient availability and customer demand. Our chef’s menus are always changing, offering great seasonality and variety for regular customers.

Our chefs specialise in many different areas – so you’ll be able to choose from a multitude of different cuisines and styles. We offer mouth-watering Italian dishes, great Continental food, premium Indian meals and a variety of global dishes, depending on our chef’s rotating menus!

What are the portions like? A typical meal contains one moderate adult portion, and the meal typically includes a main dish, as well as some small sides for a balanced meal. We look to achieve a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fibre in each meal we serve. If you are quite hungry, feel free to order multiple dishes per person.

The easiest way to order is using our daily menus online. All you need to do is select the meals, sides and desserts you want, choose when you want to have them delivered, then proceed through the secure checkout service – it’s as simple as that!

We also send out regular emails alerting you to menu changes, and if you download the soon-to-be-released Eatfresh app, you can receive push notifications that will inform you of new dishes, desserts or sides. Stay tuned for all the latest new meals!

Just click ‘Login’ in the top corner of the homepage, and use your Facebook account or Gmail address to sign up or click on ‘New User’ to create an Eatfresh account.

You can then use this account whenever you want to order from Eatfresh.

Eatfresh uses high-quality, premium ingredients sourced from certified vendors and brands. We use no preservatives and our products are all free of MSG. Our non-vegetarian products are from Halal certified vendors only.

Due to our commitment to deliver a high quality product on time, we cannot accommodate customization requests or changes to your meal presently.

Please email us at, our sales representative will contact you to provide you with details. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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