Grand Onam Sadhya by Kappa Chakka Kandhari (KCK)

Onam sadhya is meal of vegetarian dishes infused with love, prosperity and happiness. Sadhya is a part of 10 days Onam festival in kerala served in banana leaf followed by 24 dishes as a single course. Sadhya ends with traditional sweet dish called payasam. This grand Meal is 100 % Vegetarian. Banana chips and sharkaravaratti is another highlight of this meal. This year Kappa Chakka Kandhari Team is back for the third time with it’s first offering of Grand Onam Vegetarian Feast – Onasadhya from 10th to 14th September,2016 at Marathahalli Grounds , Next to E- Zone club, Outer Ring Road. As a added bonus get a chance to enthrall yourself with the Cultural shows, Kerala handicrafts and Folk Artists as a part of the Onam Celebration. So this is the perfect excuse to block your calendar and be a part of the age old cultural heritage.


It’s all about experiencing and be a part of ethnic Kerala food Festival that brings back the long forgotten tropical recipes of Kerala to the Non resident keralite. The authentic deliciousness of traditional Kerala recipes by cooking with wood fire using traditional cooking pot’s and retain its original taste is their strength. The multi-course meal served traditionally on a banana leaf, includes 28 course traditional onam feast and four varieties of payasam. They have exclusive hall facilities to cater 600 people at one sitting. Also they have special stalls for payasams and take away counters.


Traditional Onasadya and Pookalam is the most important feature of Onam in Kerala( God’s own country). I have never visited Kerala which topped my list of To Visit list. So when I was invited to be a part of the exclusive Media and Blogger’s preview of Grand Vegetarian Onasadya arranged by the famed Kappa Chakka Kandhari at Catholic Club, I was on cloud nine. I was sure that even if my chances of visiting Kerala and have a taste of authentic, fire cooked Onam Sadhya is close to nil, this chance of getting a real taste of the authentic Kerala Onasadhya was like a boon to me. The event started with the introduction of the team behind the Kappa Chakka Kandhari (KCK).  Internationally acclaimed Chef Regi Mathew(Benjarong and Ente Keralam) joined hands with  John Paul and Augustive KV to create the concept of KCK, with an aim to bring the forgotten recipes of Kerala to everyone.


Chef Regi Mathew gave details of all the 28 dishes on the table and he also advice us to start eating our sadhya from left side of the first row of the plantain leaf , then end with right side of the first row .Then to start with right side of the second raw in order to end the meal in a sweet note. First to start with bitter, tangy,pungent and then over to  sweet as one can understand all the flavor’s of the spread.




What’s being Offered 

Slow cooked meal, Prepared on wood fire, Cooked with traditional vessel, Served on plantain leaf, Cooked with the fresh and authentic ingredients sourced from Kerala and prepared with coconut oil as majority of Kerala food is cooked with coconut and coconut oil.

  • Banana Chips
  • Shakaravaraty
  • Kaipakka Chips
  • Cheena Chips
  • Ginger Honey Sharbath
  • Olan
  • Thoran
  • Lime pickle
  • Kadumanga Pickle
  • Puli Ingi
  • Nellikai Pickle
  • Ghee/Paruppu
  • Kaalan
  • Aviyal
  • Pappadam
  • Erissery/Kootu Curry
  • Pacchadi
  • Kichadi
  • Sambar
  • Rasam
  • Pacha moru
  • Palada prathaman/Pal payasam
  • Paripu prathaman
  • Ada Prathaman
  • Rice payasam/Kadala payasam
  • Pazham
  • Rice

The whole spread was medium spiced and flavourful. My most favorite part of the meal was when I get to taste KCK’s most popular four types of payasam out of their five payasam’s –  Palada Prathaman (milk and boiled rice flakes pudding) , Paripu Prathaman(Moong dal pudding), Ada Prathaman ( pieces of rice batter and the pradhaman, the sweet coconut milk in which they are put),Rice Payasam/Kadala Payasam (Rice pudding or bengal gram pudding)  and Pazham Pradhaman (banana pudding in jaggery sauce). I also love their Yam Chip’s , rasam (heavily infused with black pepper- sip it carefully) and avial ( mixed vegetable in grounded coconut seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves )

Book your tickets here –

Venue – Marathahalli Grounds, Next to E-Zone, Outer Ring Road

Ticket price per meal – Rs 499/-

Meals Offered – Lunch and Dinner

Timings for Lunch – 12 pm to 3:30 pm

Timings for Dinner – 7 pm to 9 pm

If you are booking now (early bird offer ), you can avail a 10% discount on your booking.


The Details of Onasadhya & Onachanda 

In aid of Garshom Charitable Foundation, Kappa Chakka Kandhari conceived the ‘Onasadhya’ and ‘Onachanda’ to rekindle the nostalgic past of Kerala’s rich and diverse culinary heritage.Onasadhya will be an elaborate and authentic affair, with a spread of 28 different dishes served in the old fashioned way — on a banana leaf. To retain the original taste and flavour, the mouth-watering spread will be cooked in wood fire and in traditional vessels.

Onachanda will feature 30 most sought after Kerala stalls and kiosks, selling traditional snacks and authentic merchandise made by Kerala artisans. The venue will also be bedecked with the traditional floral decorations and will showcase cultural and folk programmes, contests and prizes, creating a true festival Onam atmosphere for the guests. Entry Fee Rs.20/person.

Kappa Chakka Kandhari is a brainchild of Chef Regi Mathew (Benjarong and Ente Keralam), John Paul and Augustine KV, collaborating to bring home-cooked and authentic dishes from Kerala to the people longing for the experience.

“Kappa Chakka Kandhari has always been about making food simple and authentic, said Chef Regi Mathew. “Our Onasadhya will be an authentic recreation of the Onam feast you enjoyed in our childhood,” said Chef Mathew. “We invite everyone to relish this experience,” he added.

Curated by Kappa Chakka Kandhari and prepared by Kerala Sadhya [vegetarian feast] maestro Vasudevan Embrandhiri, Tripayar, the cuisine is an amalgamation of Kerala recipes brought to life with new technologies and techniques while retaining the authentic deliciousness of traditional Kerala sadya. After the multi-course Onasadhya, four varieties of Payasams will be served at the feast. From Palada Pradhaman to Pazham Pradhaman, a nostalgic surprise awaits all those who gather to celebrate Onam.

Describing Kappa Chakka Kandhari’s Onasadhya gourmet offerings, Augustine KV said, “This Onasadhya will be an experience brimming with ‘nostalgia’ presented in a contemporary fashion. We hope to give people the memories of the delicious Onasadhya served by their grandmothers,” Augustine said.

Over 15,000 Onam Sadyas will be served during the 5 Days, with lunch, dinner and Payasam served and sold as takeaways. Exclusive hall facilities have been set up to cater 600 people at one sitting, with a special waiting lounge. There will also be special stalls for payasams as well as take away counters for those in a hurry.

“Our Onasadhya will be a journey through the diverse flavors of Kerala’s amazing culinary past,” said John Paul, one of the trio behind Kappa Chakka Kandhari.“Our stellar cast of chefs will serve you a sumptuous, nostalgic Onam experience,” added John Paul.

All about Kappa Chakka Kandhari (KCK):

KCK was born when the quest for authentic traditional delicacies was found missing, especially for those living far away from Gods Own Country. The quest led to John Paul and Augustine Kurian to join hands with Internationally Acclaimed Chef, Regi Mathew, to create the Magic of Kappa Chakka Kandhari. At Kappa Chakka Kandhari, we will take you on a Gastronomic journey through a nostalgic Highway, experiencing the various milestones of traditional Kerala cooking. Their aim is to revive the long forgotten recipes of Kerala, patronised by our elders and forefathers.

They at KCK understand that food as an experience doesn’t just stop at the kitchen; rather it traverses socio-cultural, health and nostalgic realms. To them food is a primate linkage between producers and consumers – both lovers of authentic Keralite cuisine. Through their stalls and online stores selling the best of authentic ingredients, one can continue celebrating genuine Kerala culture all year round. As they say: “Home is where the heart is, and there is nothing better for the heart than some delicious, traditional cooking!”

Future Plan’s of KCK 

Within few months they are planning to start their own Onam Sadya themed restaurant’s through out the country as well as in abroad, starting with Bengaluru city. Also in pipeline their exclusive store where one can find authentic and traditional Ingredients and snack’s from Kerala.

Address of KCK 

Kappa Chakka Kandhari
4/52, 5th Street, A Block,
Anna Nagar East,
Chennai Tamil Nadu, 600 102.
Ph: +91 9176 002 002





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