Hassle free life with Bosch Dishwasher

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Have you ever imagined, a machine will arrive to your home one day, stays with you whole life as your family member and wash your utensils whenever you require? If not, just think about Bosch Dishwasher which is all set to make your dream true and make you feel relax. Nowadays, it is very difficult to get a good maid who can wash your all utensils very clean, but they charge very high to you. Lets for example, if a maid is charging ₹2000/- per month to wash your utensils for 2 years atleast, then you pay ₹48000/- as a total to her which is not at all worth. You are not sure to which extent she cleans the utensils, is she cleans hygienically? Are you safe from health hazards caused by germs on utensils? Paying such huge amount for such problems is not worthy at all. But when you buy Dishwasher approximately par ₹40000/- as one time investment and you can ensure all such problems to avoid and make your family in good health and spirit. With its unique feature of less water consumption, washing utensils at high temperature which maid can’t do to kill all germs and make utensils hygienically clean and life long durability makes your investment value for money. You pay for all these benefits at just ₹40000/- one time for many years. No headache of getting good maid and pay huge money on her. In today’s easy loan and finance facility, even the monthly spent on purchasing Dishwasher is very much lesser than paying salary to maid. So just think and decide. The best option to go with is BOSCH DISHWASHER.

I visited Harita Enterprise, Regent Prime, No. 48, opposite to Ganesh Temple, Whitefield main road on last Saturday, 10th June for a demo of the Bosch (The German Home Appliances) Dishwashers.

The live demo executive gave me complete information about the Dishwasher & the models available. The Starting range of Bosch Dishwasher is 31,000 Rs.

One can buy through EMI facility offered by many finance company. The Dishwasher looks robust & the brand offers 2 years of warranty & 10 years of anti-rust warranty.

There is no guarantee of getting a good house-help but with this dish washer complete peace of mind guaranteed for 2 years. Their after sales service is also not disappoint you. They have franchisee all over the India. This is undoubtedly is the Global leader in Dishwasher Brand.

Watch​ a short video of the Bosch Dishwasher in working mode – https://youtu.be/NmdVchk5NEg

You can see the live demo video here –

This Dishwasher is easy to set up & install. This machine is loaded with easy to use programs & functions.

This is perfect for Indian day to day regular utensils like oily stained kadhai, pressure cooker, stainless steel utensils, microwave safe plastic, tea & milk pots & glassware etc.

Here is the list of types of utensils one can’t use – Aluminium, Bras, copper, gold, silver, wooden, non-stick

Benefits of using a Dishwasher –

Less Water consumption – Bosch Dishwasher use 10 litres of water per wash ( one can use the machine once per day as there is no need to use it twice)

Effortless Cleaning – No need to pre-rinse the utensils. Just scrape off the leftovers & put the utensils in their assigned chambers & load the dishwasher.

Hygienic Wash – With the hot water, it kills 99.9% germs & bacteria resulting in hygienic Wash.

Save Time – with the 60 minutes cycle

HalfLoad Option – for small loads

This Dishwasher has to be used with dishwasher approved detergent, rinse aid & dishwasher salt.

Now no more waiting for the house help & no more tension of piling un-washed utensils with the sleek & stylish Bosch Dishwasher.

Step into any of your nearest Bosch Dishwasher dealers & set yourself free & relaxed by bringing home one. One can call the outlet & request them to give you a live demo at your home itself. They deliver free to your home if you are purchasing one.

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