Hobby Week Digital India Club Meet in association with Brigge App

Are you bored in your free time? Fret not. No need to be at home always, glued to the same boring programs on Television and lazying around in your pajama. Have fun meeting new people who share the same type of hobby as your’s in your locality. Sound’s Interesting? Right?

When I got to know about the newly lunched app called ‘Brigge‘ and their Hobby Week as a part of their lunching event in Bengaluru, I was really curious to know more. It’s generally all about Good Times with Good Company. I am always up for new experiences , learn new things and meeting people. Every kind of hobby from drum jam, cocktail sessions, board game, Aqua Zumba Fitness Party, Bolly Dazz Workshop, Nail Art Fest, Ultimate Frisbee, basics of Tech Blogging, PubQuiz Meet, Digital India , Salad Making Workshop and Music JAM.


So utilize your free time in checking out Brigge app 

  • Mingle with like minded thriving community of like minded people
  • Find a community you can relate to
  • Chance to bond and make new friends
  • Find interesting things to do in the city
  • See what your friends are doing and encourage them
  • Get to know what other friends are going to the same activities/events as you are and connect
  • Get real-time feed and updates about things happening around the city

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Choose from more than 20 types of hobbies, more than 50 venues, meet more than 30 champions and take part in more than 11 activities. Just Sign up and participate in your favourite activity and discover new hobbies.

How does this work ?

Download the app here – Google Play

Web App

App Store

Sign up here – http://www.brigge.co/app/#signup by using referral code IUQ723 / using Facebook / using email

What can you do on Brigge?
– Choose your interests and Brigge helps you find activity groups nearby
– You can even create your own group in a jiffy and start building active communities
– Interact, connect and make a network of people eager to do activities together
– Do activities within your private group – manage, organize, share and lots more

Key features
– Discover groups and activities easily based on time, location and interests
– Use groups to create closed activities within the group
– You can also create an open activity if you want non-members to participate
– Follow people and activities to get updates in your newsfeed
– Get notified when activities get posted near you or in your group
– Use multiple admins feature in groups to effectively grow and manage your community

Perfectly applicable for
– Activity groups like runners, trekkers, quizzers and sports enthusiasts.
– Gated communities, neighborhoods, apartments and organisations to organize activities
– Closed groups that share interests and organize regular activities

Community Guidelines

Brigge is a platform to connect like-minded people over fun activities.

– Keep your profile descriptive and honest
– Post activities you know people would be interested to join.
– Treat people in a respectful way and make the most of activities
– Be nice and compassionate and you’re sure to have a ball

Brigge on  Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/brigge.co
Brigge on Twitter       –https://twitter.com/BriggeApp

Mail Brigge at machi@brigge.co

Reach out directly – Prasanna Jagannathan, Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

+91 96000 85470 — pj@brigge.co

                                            Murali Satagopan, Cofounder & Chief Marketing Officer
+91 98845 31492 — murali@brigge.co

  • Prasanna (Co-founder)

    Head Honcho. Thinks strategy and performance.

  • Sampath (Co-founder)

    Product Head. Leads technology and operations.

  • Murali (Co-founder)

    Community Champ. Drives growth and engagement.

  • Sujan

    Design Chief. Minimalist and type-nazi.

  • Venkat

    Engineering Lead. Hacker by night.

  • Arjun

    Android Dev. Google devotee, pro-windows.

  • Prabu

    Web Wizard. Fitness freak and balding geek

I happen to be a part of Hobby Week – 10 days ( from 26th August to 4th September) of non-stop fun where I have attended “Digital India Club ” meet up hosted by Celebrity Blogger’s Nivedith Gajapathy and Hrish Thota at Beer Cafe, Indira Nagar on 28th August. It was a super fun event where all the digital marketing enthusiast of Bengaluru took part and  had loads to discuss on Importance of Social Media while also having a great time over food and drinks. Also we took part in a fun Twitter Contest where we have to twit about the next event of Hobbyweek using the hashtag #HobbyWeek. The one who post first was declared as a winner. Then the next assignment was to twit about the use and benefit of using social media in our day to day affair. Then we all give a short introduction of each of us, so that our fellow blogger get to know about us as most of us were meeting for the first time.

Event Picture’s curtesy – B Krishna Karthik  of Karthik’s Pictures

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