India accounts for the highest burden of preterm births in the world

Karan Johar’s premature surrogates bring the conversation back to a much neglected problem

India it seems has many unflattering firsts to its credit.

India accounts for the highest burden of preterm births in the world.

Karan Johar’s kids were born at 30 weeks. According to the (BMJ)British Medical Journal, very preterm infants—those born before 32 weeks’ gestation—represent fewer than 2% of all births but up to half of infant deaths worldwide.

That makes his kids “fighters”- as they’re expected to be discharged by the end of the month.

The world now knows that Karan Johar’s children Roohi and Yash, have been in the care of Dr. Bhupendra Avasthi at Surya Mother & Child Hospital in Mumbai, after a premature birth. The babies weighed around 1.5kg each.

Premature babies are not fully equipped to deal with life in our world.  Their little bodies still have underdeveloped parts that include the lungs, digestive system, immune system and skin. India needs many more NICU units for its ‘preemies’ where they can survive the first few days, weeks or months of life until they are strong enough to make it on their own,”said Dr Bhupendra Awasthi, who helms India’s largest neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

According to the World Health Organisation, every year, nearly 15 million babies die due to complications with premature births, and “survivors can face a lifetime of disability including learning disabilities, visual, and hearing problems.”

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