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My excitement was on a high level when I got the news that Food Bloggers Association of India wants me to be a part of FBAI Review Box and is going to send an exclusive sample of L’exclusif by Godrej which were only available at Godrej Nature’s Basket outlet. So a few selected Blogger’s are a part of the FBAI Review Box and the chosen blogger has to promote and review the sample product’s in all the social media.


Godrej Nature’s Basket has always maintain high quality and sourced authentic ingredients from all over the world. One can surely have an unmatched gourmet experience at their every outlet.


L’Exclusif Selection Range – a medley of the finest produts, curated by experts for the pure indulgence is a brand of Godrej Foods. The range of products available are chocolate coated nuts, nuts, chocolate cookies, dry fruits, crispies, tortilla chips,Potato chips, ice creams, Nachos, jams and conserves to jujubi etc. Each and every product’s offered in this range is handpicked and packed carefully to reflect their commitment to make every aspect of gourmet cooking and savoring a gastronomic delight. There are some peculiar attributes of this range such as the icecreams are made from 100% pure milk and natural fruits, with no preservatives or stabilizers, chocolates are pure coverture chocolates and similarly the conserves are made from 100% natural fruits. As a part of their on going promotion of Monsoon Munching L’exclusif Selection offers tasty and healthy snacks on the go. It’s all about’ Feast your Senses’ with this premium Category of Snacks.


So I received a beautiful and carefully packed hamper of L’exclusif goodies which have a box of Sweet and Spicy Thai Sweet Chili Ringleez, Rich and Gooey Dark Choco Chip Cookies, Rich and Crunchy Coated Almonds, Desi Nature Kachori with Dry Fruits and fresh and healthy Real Alphonso Conserve.


L’exclusif Sweet and Spicy Thai Sweet Chili Ringleez is best for the midnight snacking. It’s really addictive with spice and condiments like chilli, cumin, coriander leaf, garlic and onion. These are healthy as whole wheat is used to prepare these. I bet you can’t munching on these.


Lazy morning’s and no time to fix Breakfast
Try out L’exclusif Selection of Rich and Gooey Dark Chocochip Cookies prepared with refined wheat flour, milk and cocoa powder. Pair these dark choco chip draped cookies with a large glass of milk or coffee.
And start a blissful chocolatey day.


Ooh these cocoa coated roasted almonds from L’exclusif are sinful yet perfect to end a meal.


One can Relax and sit back with some cutting chai and few crispy delicious Desi nature Kachori filled with green gram flour,sesame seeds,cashew nuts and raisins .

Fresh and Hearty Real Alphonso conserve prepared from Alphonso mango pulp, alphonso mango dices and saffron without any artificial colour or flavour.

I am surely loving this monsoon munching time and these are perfect snacks to keep me company.
Godrej Nature’s Basket



You can check Nature’s Basket website here – www.naturesbasket.co.in

You can also email them here – naturebasket@godrejnb.com



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