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I have always heard about the Iconic Empire Restaurant as it’s popularly known as the “Taste of Bangalore”. But I never had a chance to visit any of it’s 19 branches till now even as it has reached a milestone of celebrating it’s golden jubilee this year. Empire had surely touched the hearts of every foodies and famous as the late night savior for it’s good old secret traditional recipes and it’s signature dishes. As a part of Empire’s diversification, into all kinds of cuisine, KARAMA restaurant was opened in 2015 serving three diverse cuisines namely Arabic,Karachi and Punjabi cuisine under one roof.

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Karama Restaurant is situated on the Mosque Road,Frazer Town.The ambiance of the restaurant was very relaxed and they offered general sit down on comfortable sofa’s, on dining table’s as well as their most sought after ” Majlis Sukri”means a place of sitting and dining together (in Arabic term). We opt to sit at the first floor’s Majlis Sukri, which was a close sit down area, where mukti coloured carpets adorn the ground along with the comfortable pouffes and bolsters. Here a bunch of people can order their food which mostly arrive on a single large heavy plate and they share the food . But as here in India most of people don’t prefer to have food from a single plate, so they can still choose to sit in the Majlis Sukri area ,order food and have the option to have it in their own plate. It’s a different kind of experience altogether as in our culture too we like to sit on ground and have our meals.

Karama Restaurant


We started the lunch with three of the welcome drinks
1. Pineapple Mint Lime – A refreshing juice of Pineapple, mint and lemon with a garnishing of mint leaves

2. Mix cocktail – A healthy juice of carrot,grape and orange for carrot lover’s


3. Blue Lemonade –  Another refreshing lemon based soda drink


Then for Soup we tried

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1. Mutton Paya – This famous tradional south asian soup which is prepared from lamb trotters is known to have immense nutritional value find its place in the menu here.

2. Yakhani shorba – Yakhani is a famous Kashmiri traditional soup cooked with goat’s meat, saffron and yogurt, mildly spiced with cardamom and cinnamon.
3. Tomato Dhaniya Shorba – The tomato and coriander soup was flavourful and tangy and I like the addition of namak pare.
4. Dal Shorba – Indian style Toor dal soup flavoured with cream tasted just like homestyle one with the usage of minimal spices

Then for Salads

1. Fattoush – It’s a Levantine bread salad prepared with toasted or fried pieces of pita bread usually combined with mixed greens and vegetables. They serves pita breads separately with this salad.
2. Tabbouleh – It’s an Arab Middle Easten vegetarian dish made of tomatoes,finely chopped parsley, mint,bulgur and onion. It’s tasted very good with the seasoning of olive oil,lemon juice and salt.
3. Green salad – The simple kind of salad with cucumber,tomato and onion


For Starter

1. Pepper Laham Thashth – Small cubes of boneless mutton stir fried with loads of pepper and Curry Leaves

2. Tawa Prawn – Small juicy prawns were tawa fried with the spieces

3. Kastoori kebab – A preparation with the breast pieces of chicken with a melt in mouth texture

4. Peshawari kabab – The famous kabab from the Mugal Era , is prepared with yogrut marinated mutton

5. Murg Pakiza tikka-  The whole chicken breast were well marinated and cooked to perfection

6. Stuffed Paneer – Paneer stuffed with a paste of dry fruits and cheese and char coaled after a light marination

7. Cheese Hara Bhara kabab – Deep fried Fried veg kebabs with cheese filling. It tasted very spicy and comes with a very little cheese filling.

8. Dahi kabab – These were very well prepared with the hung curd, little spices and chopped coriander

9. Spicy potato – cubes of boiled potato, sauted in olive oil with mild spices



Main course Accompaniments – Breads and Rice

1. Karachi Naan –  A huge sized Naan which tend to remain soft for a longer duration

2. Garlic Naan – Another variety of Naan with finely chopped garlic coating

3. Lachedar Paratha –  layered parathas with a soft texture
4. Kheema Naan – A version of Naan stuffed with minced goat meat. It’s supposed to be very filling.


Rice and Biryani

1. Veg Pulao – Tasted just okay with the accompanying raita
2. Peas Pulao – Tasted good
3. Mandi Biryani- Mandi is a traditional Yemani dish where mainly rice along with the tender goat meat is  cooked in the tandoor along with raisins, pine nuts and peanuts (optional)

4. Karachi Biryani – A world famous preparation all the way from pakistan (pakistani style biryani) with fresh interesting ingredients and exciting flavours . It’s prepared mainly with mutton which is not marinated before cooking.

5. Kabsa – is a mixed rice dished originated from Yemen, which is commonly known as a national dish there. Here long grain basmati rice is cooked along with meat,vegetables and spices such as cardamom, saffron,cinnamon,black lime, bay leaves and nutmeg

6. Majboos – is an Arabic Chicken Biryani  similar to kerala biryani

7. Karama Biryani – Their speciality biryani cooked with the freshest ingredients and choicest spices

8. Punjabi Chicken Biryani – A classic , spicy one pot biryani where only chicken breast and leg pieces were used

Main Course Gravy
1. Tawa Bheja – A preparation made out of the mutton brain

2. Ghost Nihari – A preparation of thick mutton gravy

3. Dabba Gosht – A homestyle brilliant preparation

4. Tawa Murgh – Succulent chicken chunks were tawa fried with spices


5. Murgh Methi – Another chicken preparation with fresh and aromatic methi
6. Tawa Mushroom – A wonderful preparation with mushrooms cooked in a dry cashew based masala

7. Palak Malai Kofta – Malai koftas with a filling of dryfruits simmered in the green Spinach gravy . I loved it.

8. Tawa Veg – Assorted veggies tawa fried in simple ground spices
9. Dal Makhani – Absolutely loved this rich buttery creamy preparation with whole black lentil and red kidney beans originating from punjabi cuisine


Juice & Milk shakes

1. Nari Nari – A refreshing delicious and healthy palm juice
2. Kharoub – is a traditional Egyptian drink made from carob molasses. It tastes like honey.
3. Mixed Dry Fruit Shake – A rich flavoured drink prepared with dryfruits and milk
4. Mixed Fruit Shake – A unique flavoured drink prepared with fruits and milk

5. Water Melon Cooler – A water melon based mocktail with added basil seeds

1. Malpova – The small sized pancake tasted delicious
2.  Jalebi with Rabadi – The famous combo where crispy jalebi’s were served with sweet rabdi is worth a try


3. Doodi ka halwa – Doodhi (bottle gourd) or Lauki halwa prepared with grated lauki cooked with milk ,ghee and comes garnished with dryfruits


Over all a great dining experience with the fellow blogger’s. The Hospitality team of Karama Restaurant had done a terrific work in providing top class service while maintaining the quality throughout. I always thought that Karama is all about trying out non veg fares but after trying out the wide spread of veg food , I can definitely recommend this place to all my vegetarian friends.

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Average Cost for two people – Rs 750 to Rs 1500

Opening Hours – 7 AM to 1 AM

Phone Number – 08049652612

Address – 55, Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore

EMail –

Website –

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