Meet Jyothi Rajesh one of the winner of FFHVeganCookoff

Hi All,
I would like to introduce you to Jyothi Rajesh, one of the winners of the FFH Vegan Cook off event on my facebook food group Food from the Heart ,that ended on Jul 15th, 2015. She is the founder of blog – . She has laid out all her recipes in a way that can be easily followed by cooking novices or veterans.She exprtise in multicuisine recipes. Please feel free to explore her blog to check out her easy to follow recipes and leave comments on her site. I had an opportunity to interview her and have included relevant excerpts for your reference.

1.How did your journey began?
Food has been my passion, my hubbies encouragement to continue my passion seriously made me start a food blog.
Any inspirations?
My husband is my biggest inspiration to start the food blog.

2. How do you find time to manage your blog and how many hour’s you spend per day/week on an average on your blog?
I manage to shot and write recipes when my son sleeps in the afternoon and my daughter is on school. I spend about 2 hours a day

3.Please Tell us about your blog and what’s the idea behind choosing your blog name?
I blog at The idea was to have a name that would suit the purpose of the blog. I wanted to share my culinary experience, trail word came to my mind of course after rejecting a dozens of other word. I attached the word curry to trail as i’m from India and we known for our curries grin emoticon

4. What’s the biggest challenge you faced in maintaining your blog?
You eat with your eyes. To take good photos which involves styling, composition and the most important factor lighting are the challenging areas to me. I’m still trying to understand each one of them

5.What’s your hobby apart from blogging?
I love photography, I try to spend some time when ever possible in nature photography. I also love to teach kids. My profession is teaching robotics to school children which I love doing the most.

6. Have you got the support you need from your family members to run your blog?
Yes absolutely. I get full support from my husband, daughter and son. Without them it wouldn’t be possible to maintain the blog on daily basis.

7. Do you love to cook or the blogging aspect give you the push to dish out creative dishes?
Generally I love to cook. But blogging and exposed me to a whole new world of cooking.

8. We have heard that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for the future bloggers who are interested in making money from the blog?
I haven’t started to monetize from my website, so I can’t really say much

9. Please give some Food Photography tricks to our members here.
Understand lighting. Make sure to shoot photos in natural light. Flash light, tube light all makes food look so unappealing. Best way to use natural light is to shoot next to a window that way you have some controlled light and photos really come out very well. Avoid shooting in complete out doors. if you prefer to shoot outdoors you need to control the tremendous amount of light from all sides.

10. Please share your inputs about the group and suggestions to help us improving the group each day.
FFH is a awesome group. To make the group more popular and active my suggestion would be to conduct some kind of online courses related to food.

Her winning Recipe#FFHVeg Moroccan Spiced Carrot Hummus, you can look it up from FB search box.

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