Meet Prachi Garg one of the winners of the Vegan Cook off

Hi All,
I would like to introduce you to Prachi Garg one of the winners of the Vegan Cook off event on my facebook food group Food from the Heart ,that ended on Jul 15, 2015. She is the founder of blog – . She has laid out all her recipes in a way that can be easily followed by cooking novices or veterans. Please feel free to explore her blog to check out your favorite recipes and leave comments. I had an opportunity to interview her and have included relevant excerpts for your reference.

1.How did your journey began? Any inspirations?
The credit for motivating me to start this blog goes to my husband. He always saw a talent in my cooking and inspired me to start a blog in order to document my daily experiments with various cuisines. What started as a personal blog diary has now become a passion for me. I started my blog Divine Spice Box 2 years ago and I have never been happier.

2. How do you find time to manage your blog and how many hour’s you spend per day/week on an average on your blog?
I believe that one find’s time to do thing he/she feels passionate about. For me, it is my blog. I feel really creative and self-motivated whenever I am blogging and that motivates me to keep working towards it. I usually try and spend upto 15 hours/week on my blog. I try and churn out about 2 recipes per week.

3. Please Tell us about your blog and what’s the idea behind choosing your blog name?
I call my blog Divine Spice Box. Being an Indian, I feel that for an Indian kitchen, the Masala dabba or the “Spice Box” is its essence and all wonderful creations are made divine using that very box. This is the idea behind my blog too. Through my blog, I try to create recipes which are close to my heart, easy to recreate and are made awesome using the bounty of ingredients and spices. Although I do a lot of Indian cooking, my forte is fusion comfort cooking with a healthy note.

4. What’s the biggest challenge you faced in maintaining your blog?
I think by far, time plays a big role in managing one’s blog. Being a designer by profession, I feel confident about food photography, content generation, editing and wordpress but find it really taxing ad sometimes mundane too. I guess blogging Is all about self- motivation!

5.What’s your hobby apart from blogging?
Apart from Blogging, I like painting, sculpturing, movies, music, photography and travelling. Since a lot of these hobbies connect me to my blog, I find blogging almost therapeutic and an immersive experience.

6. Have you got the support you need from your family members to run your blog?
Yes, definitely. I believe blogging is not just about pursuing a personal hobby but it is a collective effort and the family needs to support your endeavour. Starting from being open about trying out new flavours and cuisines whenever I wanted to make something new, time involvement when I got stuck in between words or coding, patience at times when I delayed the meals for photography or motivating me to keep going when I face a writer’s block… my family has always been on my side, supporting me in every step.

7. Do you love to cook or the blogging aspect give you the push to dish out creative dishes?
It really goes both ways. I love to cook and if I could, I would probably just cook all the day long. Blogging has been something that I had to learn my way in to start sharing my work with the world but now that I feel confident about my posts, I feel passionate about it and It gives me the inertia and impetus to keep cooking. On the other hand, when I start to feel a bit intimidated with the pressure of regular blogging, I switch myself to cooking for some relaxation and then my brain starts to churn ideas for my next post.

8. We have heard that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for the future bloggers who are interested in making money from the blog?
Well I think blogging is not really an easy way to earn money online. Like all things in life, this also requires a lot of hard work, strategy and planning to be able to start earning money out of your blog. Usually people earn money through advertisements and for that one needs to bring that much of traffic to one’s blog to be able to make it profitable for the blogger. My tip would be to start the blog with the intention of producing good work and keep patience as it does take time to establish one’s credibility and audience before you can start to see some success…just like any good venture

9. Please give some Food Photography tricks to our members here.
My tip here would be to make food the star of your photography. Personally I do not like to play with a lot of unnecessary props with my food and love to keep it simple and minimal so that the focus remains on your creation. Don’t be afraid to go bold with colors in your pictures and for beginning, start to play with the natural light for great results. Try and gain some knowledge about plating, composition and color balance so that you can maximize the potential of your food photography.

10. Please share your inputs about the group and suggestions to help us improving the group each day.
I find “food from the heart” a very interesting group of some really creative and enthusiastic people. As a blogger, we are always on a lookout of a group where people believe in community learning and sharing. This group does just that. It has helped me find some really talented people and I feel motivated in sharing my work at this platform. Thank u for having me in this group and making me a part of your food community!

Her winning entry is #FFHVeg Sriracha tofu you can look it up on FB search box.

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