Meet Ritu Taneja Mehta one of the winner in the ‪FFHVegan ‬cook-off

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Let me introduce Ritu Taneja Mehta one of the winner in the ‪#‎FFHVegan‬cook-off on my facebook food group Food from the Heart.
She is the talented blogger behind
Check her blog and leave a comment to get very healthy and innovative recipes.
Here is the interview I chanced to do with her.
Read the interview to know the life of a blogger.
1.Me : How did your journey began?
Any inspirations?
Her :I was never really interested in cooking until I got married to a foodie. My husband is my biggest inspiration to learn cooking and after my daughter was born I took a break from my work and started my blog. That is when “Love Served Daily” was born.

2. Me: How do you find time to manage your blog and how many hour’s you spend per day/week on an average on your blog?
Her:I usually work on my blog when my daughter takes her afternoon nap or after I put her down for the night. I usually spend about 5 hours each week, depending on how often I am posting.

3.Me:Please Tell us about your blog and what’s the idea behind choosing your blog name?
Her: My blog is I started this blog to share my culinary interest with everyone and has learnt a lot myself in the process.
For me loving someone is cooking for them and love indeed is what I serve to my family and friends when I cook for them. Hence, the blog name – love served daily.

4. Me: What’s the biggest challenge you faced in maintaining your blog?
Her:The biggest challenge I face is finding out time for my blog from my daily routine. A toddler could be quite demanding at times and does not understand why would I stand in my patio and take a picture from a top of a stool. Haha. So I end up working only when she is napping which sometimes is not enough. I do try to make up for it by sacrificing some of my beauty sleep at night.

5.Me:What’s your hobby apart from blogging?
Her:I am very fond of reading and listening to music though my current hobby is parenting my little one. Nursery rhymes have been quite a favorite of mine lately.

6. Me:Have you got the support you need from your family members to run your blog?
Her:Absolutely. I couldn’t have done it without my husband who is my biggest inspiration to cook. He is always very appreciative and at the same time gives me his honest opinion about my cooking which helps me to improve where needed. I owe this blog to him.

7. Me:Do you love to cook or the blogging aspect give you the push to dish out creative dishes?
Her:My love for cooking has motivated me to start my blog but I guess it works both ways now. I must add that I have learnt a lot since I started blogging.

8. Me:We have heard that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for the future bloggers who are interested in making money from the blog?
Her:Frankly I don’t think it is a very easy way to earn money. My blog is relatively new so I haven’t really earned anything as yet and making money is not my motive here. From what I know, a lot of traffic to your blog generally translates into some income but that also takes a while. To begin with, one must just focus on posting a good content for your readers to enjoy.

9.Me: Please give some Food Photography tricks to our members here.
Her:This is one area where I have learnt a lot as a result of blogging. People online eat from their eyes so it is very important that your food pic is attractive. Taking pictures in natural light goes a long way and I personally avoid using too many props. Just show them the star of the post – your delicious food. And yes, I do like to use an editing software to highlight the food, adjust brightness, sharpness, and focus as needed.

10. Me:Please share your inputs about the group and suggestions to help us improving the group each day.
Her:The group has a very talented bunch of people and I am glad to be sharing the same platform with them. I learn something new each day. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to interact and share our culinary skills here. I really like the occasional contests and events here. Keep us all interested and motivated. Looking forward to more events in the future. Thanks again.

To see her winning recipe type #FFHVeg Avocado Kebabs in the FB search bar.

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