Meet Sweta Biswal one of the winners of the FFH Vegan Cook off

Hi All,
I would like to introduce you to Sweta Biswal, one of the winners of the FFH Vegan Cook off event on my facebook food group Food from the Heart ,that ended on Jul 15th, 2015. She is the founder of the blog – as Oriyarasoi – Flavours from a oriya kitchen . She excels in regional cooking. She too focuses on low calorie recipes. Please feel free to explore her blog to check out her easy to follow wide variety of healthy and weight loss recipes and don’t forget to leave comments on her site. I had an opportunity to interview her and have included relevant excerpts for your reference.

1.Me :How did your journey begin?
Her : I knew only the basic stuff before my marriage. But my husband turned out to be a big foodie and hence began my quest to learn and master cooking. Odia cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, all sorts of desserts (blame his sweet tooth) and more recently weight loss/healthy cooking has been my speciality.

2. Me: How do you find time to manage your blog and how many hour’s you spend per day/week on an average on your blog?
Her : I try to give 1-2 hours to my food blog per day and aim for 2-3 recipe post per week. This may go up during a festive season but then I take a week off now and then.

3.Me: Please tell us about your blog and what’s the idea behind choosing your blog name?
Her : As I wanted to make my blog a complete repository of Odia recipes and as a tribute to my Odia roots, I chose the name ‘OriyaRasoi’ or a kitchen that churns out Odia food and even more.

4. Me: What’s the biggest challenge you faced in maintaining your blog?
Her : I took a 1 year break post the delivery of my son. Then there is the issue of laziness and wanting to explore new stuff. I have been blogging for 6 years now so at times I start losing interest . But then I catch some new recipe on TV or in a magazine and end up updating the blog.

5. Me: What’s your hobby apart from blogging?
Her: I love travelling and reading.

6. Me: Have you got the support you need from your family members to run your blog?
Her : Yes, my husband love to sample new stuf and eggs me on to experiment with food.

7. Me: Do you love to cook or the blogging aspect give you the push to dish out creative dishes?
Her : It is a mix of both things.

8. Me: We have heard that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for the future bloggers who are interested in making money from the blog?
Her : I was never motivated by the monetary aspect. The money comes your way if you do the good work. Try to stay regular and post quality articles if you want to build a loyal audience. And do mention an email on the landing page if you want the PR guys to reach out to you for sponsored posts.

9. Me: Please give some Food Photography tricks to our members here.
Her: Avoid flash as much as you can. Take photos in diffused sunlight and use a plate/bowl that provides a contrast to the dish that you are trying to photograph.

10.Me: Please share your inputs about the group and suggestions to help us improving the group each day.
Her: I love FFH and wish it loads of luck. You guys are doing a great job and I hope you get more events going in the near future.

You can see her winning recipe by typing on FB search box – #FFHVeg Pasta Al Pesto.

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