My one afternoon at Jus’Trufs Chocolate Tour

Jus’Trufs Chocolate Tour

Who loves chocolate? I bet everyone of us love’s to eat chocolate. But what if you can get a chance to learn some artisan chocolate making and get to eat your  own creation’s?

Yes!! you read right.For the very first time in India, Jus’Trufs introduces an exclusive & unique Chocolate Tour. This concept is very new in India and Bangalore gets lucky when Chocolatier Chenddyna Schae decided to open her one of  a kind chocolaterie cum café here.

Jus Traufs

Situated on Jakkur road this Customised Chocolaterie is like  foodie haven complete with mindblowing artisan chocolates and superb sandwiches , pasta and more home style food.

When I chanced to come across this Chocolate Tour on Facebook , the foodie and the chocolate crazy girl inside me told me to attend one. I joined the Facebook Chocolate Tour Event and waited till Saturday (1stAug 2015) to enjoy my Saturday chocolate making session with my little girl. Yes this is a fun and learning event which gets more exciting when you manage to get some of your friends and family with you. There is no harm in sharing some chocolate with your loved one’s. But I can guarantee you that after the chocolate tasting session it’s going to be very difficult for you to share the chocolates with anyone. Thank me later for this precious piece of advice.

I reached there at sharp 2:30 pm and was welcomed by a warm chocolate shot at the café area.


I was amazed by the natural sunlight filled airy and environment friendly place.Soon I met Chocolatier Chenddyna Schae (the person who started Jus’Trufs in her home kitchen in 2001) as well as Shabana Khubchandani, the Café Manager . Then we wait for the rest of the persons who are yet to come for the chocolate tour. Then as we waited we all ordered and tasted some of the recommended dishes from the menu.










We tried Jus’The Green- pasta with Pesto


the bean stack – a veg burger made with red beans, a high protein burger,


the Wannabe – a tofu steak with pesto sauce along with creamy mashed potatoes and sauteed green veggies.


Then comes  the Indian Wheel – a fresh pizza with fresh tomato herb sauce, and capsicum, onions and tomatoes.


Then some of the famous Bombay Street Sandwich


and the Pan fried cheese sandwich along with french fries and the white chocolate Jalapeno sauce(a must try).

DSCN1809 DSCN1806

I must say I loved the Basil walnut pesto which they mostly used for the pasta is full of fresh flavour. They used only fresh ingredients and fresh sauces to prepare their Italian and Continental spreads. Yes I  would love to go again to taste the rest of the menu.

Along with these tasting’s we talked about the place and how it was started.

*Chenddyna Schae has created her range of Belgian Style Pralines after extensive training with Master Chocolatier Bart Van Cauwenberghe from Belgium, Herr Bulter from the Netherlands and Kirsten Tibbals of both the Barry Callebaut Academy, Singapore and Savour Chocolate School, Melbourne.

(*excerpts taken from by Samrat Dey)

Then we went to the dedicated third floor which is kept exclusively for this chocolate sessions.First  we attend an in-house audio-visual presentation on the history of cocoa and the process of cocoa bean  to chocolate.

Then Chenddyna  taught us some steps of tempering  fine Belgian chocolates.We got to taste some white, dark and milk chocolates.Then we wear our Chef’s cap and apron and get into making our own tempting Belgian Truffles .

There is no joy other than beating each other to be the messiest Chocolatier. We started with dipping Belgian  chocolate ganache into the tempered chocolates and then creating some magic with the coloured sweet sprinkles and decorating our truffles. Our created chococlates are put into fridge to set.Then we are treated with some tasty potato sandwich canapes and some ready made Jus’Trufs truffles.Then we resumed the rest of the presentation and get a thorough knowledge about the history and present scenario of chocolates.

Jus Traufs1 Jus Traufs2

*Here are Chenddyna’s  personal Belgian  Truffle andBelgian Chocolate  Fudge Brownie recipes which  you can enjoy making.  All recipes use Callebaut Chocolate.



Take 60% Dark Belgian Chocolate: 500 gm

Heat the dark Belgian chocolate in a bowl for 20 seconds.

Remove and give it a good stir. Repeat this  process 3-4 times, till completely melted. The temperature should be 42-45 degree C and the chocolate warm to touch.

Divide the chocolate into 2/3rd and 1/3rd. Keep aside 1/3rd of the chocolate

Temper the 2/3rd melted  chocolate . Tempering is a cooling process. Put the chocolate on a granite slab and scrape it in an eight figure fashion (like you would with a paint brush) for 8-10 minutes till it cools down to about 28 degrees C and thickens.

Add this cooled chocolate back to the remaining 1/3rd chocolate and you will get working chocolate with a temperature of roughly 31 degrees C.

Make a ganache using fresh cream and chocolate.

Heat cream on medium to high flame till it comes to a boil.

Remove from heat and pour over chocolate pieces.

Stir until the mixture is smooth and glossy

Let it cool and then chill it.

Scoop out the chocolate ganache, make small bite sized balls by rolling them in your palms.

Coat them with the tempered chocolate and use nuts, dried fruits, cocoa powder to decorate your truffles.



Flour                                                     80 gram

Powder Sugar                                      190 gram

Butter                                                   150 gram

Dark Belgian Chocolate                      120 gram

Eggs                                                             3 eggs

Walnuts                                                   80 gram

Vanilla Essence                                          1 tbsp


Melt the chocolate gently , add butter to it and melt this in a microwave.

Whip eggs and sugar into a mixer and mix.

Add sifted flour, baking powder, the melted chocolate butter into the mixer and mix it with spatula.

Add half the walnuts into the batter along with the vanilla essence.

Line a baking tray (6×3 inches) lined with butter paper on all ends.

Add remaining half the walnuts into the base tray.

Pour the mixture on top of the walnuts.

Bake the mixture at 160 degree Celsius for 25-35 minute in the microwave

Brownie should be wobbly when taken out of the oven.

Cool the baked mixture for 12-16 hours and overturn(the walnuts will appear on top)

This will be sufficient for 5pieces of Fudge Brownies (100 gms each)

(*excerpts taken from by Samrat Dey)

Then we engaged in fun ice breaker activity (feeding chocolate fondue dipped in potato chips and brownies blindfolded  to our fellow attendees) .

We pack our handmade chocolates and get ready to leave the venue in a heavy heart because no one wants to leave this chocolate heaven.(Wish one could live here forever)

After tasting Jus’Trufs chocolates I can proudly say that this the ultimate artisanal chocolate which just melt in your mouth satisying your taste buds and boost up your mood.

Don’t miss the chance to attend one of the famed Chocolate Tour’s of Jus’Trufs.
Jus’Trufs Chcolate Tour costs 2100 /- per person.

Recently they tied up with Online Grocery shop application Grofers.

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And the great news is they are on the top ’30 Chocolateries Across India That Take Temptation To A Whole New Level’ list, on Polka Cafe! How cool is that !

All the month they plan different activities. For this month at Jus’Trufs Customised Chocolatiers there is a Cineplay, Jus’Improv , a Communication Workshop, Dessert making Workshop, and of course, the much in demand ChocolateTours!

They have a dedicated Event Floor (third floor of the same building)separated from the Cafe. So the Cafe guests are not disturbed.

You can plan for birthday parties, Corporate events, baby showers, school field trips and any other family functions here.

To schedule your personalised chocolate tour, contact Jus’Trufs on:

Please call/SMS/Whatsapp +91 9844016984/9008671166 for any information

You can Register through too.

Like their Facebook page here –  to get their details of scheduled upcoming events.

Be a part of this exclusive tour and experience chocolate-making first-hand. Learn the ancient art of tempering chocolate from our master chocolatiers and get your hands dirty and create your own personal truffles. Observe the inner working of a boutique chocolaterie, and bring out the inner chocolatier in you. This is a great occasion for corporate and families alike!

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