Paneer Mushroom Duet

My humble  and Innovative dish ‘Paneer Mushroom Duet’ which I prepared during Display The Cook-Off event on 2nd August 2015 at Barleyz, Koramangala, Bangalore.

I love cooking and well I got an audience to taste my cooked dish during ‪#‎Dishplay‬ Cook-off at Barleyz.

There is nothing like celebrating friendship day with some new food friends and cooking along with them.
Not to forget the live music by the LSD Band .
I Enjoyed a lot in this one of a kind event where there is an ample opportunity to showcase one’s culinary skill.

There were total 10 participants who participated in this contest.

Each contestant gets a total of 60 minutes to dish out their master pieces.

Dishes made in an hour – 15 mins of ingredient hunting , 30 mins of cooking and 15 mins of presentation and cleaning the work station.

I created Paneer Mushroom Duet.

My dish has three elements in it.
I had chosen Mushroom and paneer as my main ingredients.

Filling of mushrooms

Firstly I clean and wipe dry the mushrooms.
Then remove the stem of mushroons and chopped them finely.
Then chop some onion and garlic.
Take a pan . Heat some olive oil and saute the chopped mushroom, onion and garlic.
Fry well .
Lastly season those with a little salt, freshly crushed black pepper and garam masala.
Remove from heat and keep aside.

Fried Paneer and Mushroom:
Cut paneer in long square shapes.
Coat the paneer and mushroom heads/caps with salt, freshly crushed black pepper and corn flour.
Then deep fry those and keep aside.

Fried Tri colored Bell Peppers:
Chop tri colour bell peppers in thin long stripes and saute them in a little olive oil and keep aside.

Take some lettuce leaves and keep them in ice cold water.

For Dips:

Sweet Red Tomato Ginger Dip
In a pan take a little olive oil. Add finely chopped ginger and tomatoes.
Add a little salt and sugar.
When the tomatoes completely melts then remove from the heat and make a paste of it using mixie/grinder.
This is our sweet red tomato ginger dip.
You can add a little lemon juice to make it tangy.

Tangy Green Spinach Coriander Mint Dip
Then for a green dip
Boil some spinach leaves in water.
Then remove from water and put into icecold water means blanch it.
Then chop some coriander leaves, mint leaves, onion, tomatoes, green chilly and the blanched spinach leaves.
Grind them all together.
Season with salt and lemon juice.
This is our tangy green spinach coriander mint dip.

Mushroom Canopies
Prepare a thick sauce using mayonnaise , fresh cream and garam masala.
In a pan take some olive oil and heat it.
Take the raw mushroom heads/caps and fill the hollow area with the already sauted mushroom stalks.
Then saute them with the filled part on the upside.
Take some mozzarella cheese and cut into cubes. Fill each mushrooms with the cheese cubes and season with one drop of siricha sauce.
When done start putting them straight to the final platting.
This is the mushroom canopies.

Lettuce Paneer Wraps
Then Take the lettuce leave wipe dry them.
Make a filling of one fried paneer and one spoon of mayonnaise sauce.
Then wrap well and likewise prepare 2-3 lettuce paneer wraps and tie each wrap with a spring onion leave.


Lastly take a white plate, arrange the Mushroom Canopies, Fried Mushrooms, Lettuce Paneer Wraps, Sauted Tri color Bell Peppers with Sweet Red Tomato Ginger Dip ,Tangy Green Spinach Coriander Mint Dip and serve.

DSCN2058 11894656_613267555442333_9159722967297545853_o

Wishing Divya Sree and Harsha Vardhan all the very best for the future events.

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