Radish and Cauliflower leaves Sabzi

Do you tend to throw away tender leaves of radish and cauliflower ?

If yes then no need to throw them away anymore. Prepare this vitamin and mineral  enriched pungent and slightly sweet tender leaves to prepare this mooli aur gobi patton ki sabzi.

Recipe of Radish and Cauliflower leaves Sabzi(mooli aur gobi patton ki sabzi)

Serves :2

Preparation Time : 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes


Leaves of Radish and Cauliflower – 2 cups ( Clean the leaves properly with water and then finely chop)

Brinjal – Half a brinjal from one brinjal( Diced in small pieces)

Radish – Half a radish from one radish(Diced in small pieces)

Gralic cloves – 5 to 6

Green Chilli – 1

Panch Phoron – 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Turmeric powder – a pinch

Mustard Oil – 2 tbsp

Fried Urad dal dumplings(Vadiyan/Vadi) – 3 to 4 ( Fry the dried urad dal dumplings)


Crush the garlic and green chilli using a mortar and pestle.

Take a deep bottomed pan and heat it. Put the chopped leaves, chopped brinjal , chopped radish and salt. Mix well and cover for 5 to 7 minutes or for more till the leaves and vegetable’s are well cooked. Check in between so that the vegetables and leaves don’t stick at the bottom of the pan. Remove the pan from the heat when done.

Take another pan and add mustard oil. Heat it and put the panch phoron. Wait till it stops crackling. Then put the crushed garlic and chilli. Saute till the garlic turns a little golden in colour. Then add the cooked/steamed leaves and veggies and mix well. Check the salt and add more if needed.Cook for 5 to 6 minutes.Then finish off with adding the Whole or slightly crushed fried vadiyan.

Enjoy this Radish and cauliflower leaves sabzi with rice or chapati.

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