Watermelon and fresh mozzarella salad with Chia Seeds toppings


Plattershare is a social media platform for food lovers, food professionals and food businesses. Recently I was selected to be a part of the review panel for thePlattershare Belly Nirvana Association Program”. Plattershare in association with GoIndiaOrganic – India’s only platform that provides premium, exclusive & extra-ordinary naturally organic food products is  sending out organic product’s from GoIndiaOrganic to the selected blogger’s who has to review the product’s and share their feedback.

I got Raw Chia seeds (naturally glutten free) – a product of Lyva Naturally Organic . Raw Chia seeds were vegan source of Omega 3 , essential fatty acids, dietary Fiber, Protein and other essential minerals. These are also rich source of Anti-Oxidants.  By including just a spoonful of Raw Chia Seeds in one’s daily meal, one can have a delicious way to support one’s digestive health and satiate one’s appetite.

I have prepared a refreshing Watermelon and fresh mozzarella salad with Chia Seeds toppings. ( a Mediterranean dish)


Watermelon and fresh mozzarella salad with Chia Seeds toppings


Watermelon – one fourth of water melon cut in thick triangle shape pieces ( Cut the watermelon after keeping it inside freedge for atleast half an hour)

Fresh Mini Mozzarella balls – Five to six small round shaped ball’s
English Cheddar Cheese – Three to four thick triangle shaped pieces
Raw Chia Seeds – One tsp ( I have used Lyva Naturally Organic Raw Chia)
Fresh Basil leaves – Three to four whole leaves for garnishing
Take a deep bottomed bowl. put few long and thick outer skin of water melon ( the residue skin part after scooping and slicing out the watermelon)
Add all the slices of watermelon. Carefully top these slices with the fresh mozzarella balls.
Put the slices of english cheddar cheese on top of the water melon pieces.
Sprinkle the raw chia seeds and garnish with the basil leaves.
Serve immediately.
You can also keep this salad in the chiller tray inside fridge and serve within few hours.
My feedback
It’s very easy to use and can easily be incorporated in any type of recipes. The product is of best quality and packaging is done nicely using ziplock. The product’s expiry date is after two years so one can easily store it inside refrigerator and reuse it often. The healthy and delicious way of including fibers in one’s meal is really wonderful. I am sure after using these raw chia seeds in my daily meal, I can kickstart my healthy living. No Pesticides or Insecticides were used so it’s very near to be purely organic.

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